Panorama Glass Lodge - Sleeping Under Nature's Most Spectacular Light ShowPanorama Glass Lodge  

To fully experience Iceland's breathtaking natural beauty, you should get as close to it as possible.

The family-run business, Panorama Glass Lodge, rents out four small cabins in the Icelandic wilderness you were dreaming of. The team is also working on a spectacular new location with additional huts.

You are surrounded by a beautifully rugged environment, only five minutes away from several majestic cliffs. So don't expect crowds at this lodge. The lodge is located in a secluded area giving you plenty of privacy.

The modern cabins look like igloos with their exterior partly covered by glass, so you sleep under the stars and have the best view of the Northern Lights. The panoramic view you get to see here will stay in your memory for a long time.

You can experience sleeping right under the stars and enjoy the view from the cozy outdoor hot tub or the hammock.

Type: Nature
Location: Hella  Iceland  West Europe
Panorama Glass Lodge Aerial

Panorama Glass Lodge is located near Hella, just a one and a half hour's drive from Reykjavík.

Panorama Glass Lodge Cabin Exterior With A Hot Tub And A Hammock

You can either take a bus or rent a car to come here.

Panorama Glass Lodge Cabin Exterior View

This beautiful Panorama Glass Lodge in Iceland is simply stunning and 100% Insta-worthy (or just for your photo collection).

Panorama Glass Lodge Exterior With Icelandic Landscape

Panorama Glass Lodge Cabin Interior

The interior is decorated with elements as if a 21st-century Viking had moved in.

Panorama Glass Lodge Fully Equipped Kitchenette

The compact cabin offers a fully equipped kitchenette with an induction stove, toaster, coffee machine, kettle, microwave, fridge, dining table, and a cozy en-suite bathroom with a rain shower.

Panorama Glass Lodge Bathroom

The bathroom is equipped with organic products from a local Icelandic brand called Sóley Organics.

Panorama Glass Lodge Glass Bedroom

The king-size bed is in the middle of the greenhouse, where you will sleep like a baby under the sparkling stars - a bucket list adventure, for sure.

Panorama Glass Lodge Glass Bedroom Icelandic Panorama

Wake up to a spectacular sunrise and fall asleep under the stars. Or – with a bit of luck – experience the dancing colors of the Northern Lights.

Panorama Glass Lodge Glass Bedroom Couple

Panorama Glass Lodge Glass Bedroom Couple Exterior

Panorama Glass Lodge Outdoor Hot Tub

Panorama Glass Lodge Catamaran Hammock

Each cabin comes with a super cool rope net hammock.

Couple In The Hot Tub Of Panorama Glass Lodge

This holiday home also has an outdoor hot tub to make your stay even more memorable.

Hot Tub At Panorama Glass Lodge

So imagine this: the northern lights in the sky, an expansive panoramic view over the Icelandic landscape, you in the warm water with your hot partner, and next to you a bottle of Dom Pérignon. Not too shabby, right?

Icelandic Panorama From The Outdoor Hut Tub At Panorama Glass Lodge

Panorama Glass Lodge Sauna Night Lights

The panoramic-view sauna is decorated by sparkling spotlights on its ceiling, further enhancing the fairy-tail atmosphere.

Panorama Glass Lodge Panoramic Glass Sauna

There is one sauna for two cabins to share. Alva and Freya have a sauna with a river and mountain view, while Odin and Thor have a mountain view sauna.

Starry Night Sky At Panorama Glass Lodge, Iceland

Frozen Icelandic Landscape

Austurkrókur 1, 851 Hella, Iceland