Accommodation types: Beach   Luxury
Location: Paraga  Greece  East Europe
San Giorgio Mykonos - Whitewashed LuxurySan Giorgio  

Located on Mykonos island in Greece, the San Giorgio Hotel was opened by the Konstantinidis family in 1997. It is now managed by Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel, who met some years ago on the shores of Ibiza. In 2013, they teamed up to run San Giorgio, a “singular destination for like-minded free spirits,” as they say on their website.

All 32 rooms, including two large suites, are located within the open space property, featuring the characteristic Mykonos architecture of whitewashed buildings. The decor is fresh, crispy, and clean; each room a Greek getaway. However, guests will not find televisions in their rooms, as Heyne and Hertel want San Giorgio to give travelers a more laid-back, bohemian philosophy.

Far away from crowded hotel beaches, yet with nightlife at walking distance, guests will find a wonderful viewing platform at the San Giorgio. Grant yourself a refreshing dip in the sparkling turquoise pool in front of the magnificent backdrop of the soothing waves of the Aegean Sea.

If catching sun rays gets you hungry, grab a seat and dine on Crispy Cooked Sea Bass, Chicken Fillet “Milanese,” or Tiramisu, among other delicious dishes at the San Giorgio Cantina.

San Giorgio Mykonos whitewashed buildings
San Giorgio Mykonos reception
San Giorgio Mykonos living room
San Giorgio Mykonos lounge
San Giorgio Mykonos white bedroom
Mykonos style room
San Giorgio Mykonos bathroom
San Giorgio Mykonos room
San Giorgio Mykonos shower
San Giorgio Mykonos terrace
San Giorgio Mykonos terrace with a hammock
San Giorgio Mykonos hammocks above the swimming pool
San Giorgio Mykonos swimming pool
San Giorgio Mykonos pool and a hammock
San Giorgio Mykonos hammock in the rocks
San Giorgio Mykonos rock cliff path
San Giorgio Mykonos private rock beach
Mykonos beach
Paradise Beach, Paraga, 84600, Greece
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