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Stayokay Hostel Dordrecht - Floating Glass And Wood Lodge In Biesbosch National ParkStayokay  

Stayokay is a well-known chain of Dutch hostels that operates around the country. But recently, they’ve added new accommodation to their offer that looks a lot more like an eco-hotel than your usual hostel dorm.

The Ecolodge at Dordrecht is a beautiful floating hotel room located in a remote, quiet corner of the Biesbosch National Park. The structure made of glass and Scandinavian wood is visually pleasing and practical: it lets you enjoy the nature views anywhere you turn. The lodge features a private bathroom, max. four beds, and a rooftop platform for even more park views. Stayokay Hostel Dordrecht features more traditional rooms as well as a secluded cardboard house.

Biesbosch National Park is one of the largest parks in the Netherlands, with an extensive network of rivers and lakes. You can spot beavers building dams, kingfishers, sea eagles, and hundreds of other species. The park is also one of the few places in Europe where you can see the tides in freshwater reservoirs.

With the ecolodge room, you’ll get a complimentary canoe to explore the crystal clear waters and two bikes to get around. A breakfast buffet is available at Stayokay for an extra charge, but the hostel is 2 kilometers away, so you’ll get some morning exercise on the way.

Stayokay Hostel Dordrecht
Stayokay Hostel Dordrecht Main Building
Stayokay Hostel Dordrecht Reception
Stayokay Hostel Dordrecht Dining Room
Stayokay Hostel Dordrecht Lounge
Stayokay Hostel Dordrecht Room
Stayokay Hostel Dordrecht Bedroom

Wikkelhouse Dordrecht - Cardboard House

Wikkelhouse Dordrecht - Cardboard House
Wikkelhouse Dordrecht - Cardboard House Interior
Wikkelhouse Dordrecht - Cardboard House Bedroom
Stayokay Hostel Dordrecht Terrace

Floating Ecolodge House

Floating Ecolodge House
Floating Ecolodge House Interior
Stayokay Hostel Dordrecht Pier
Stayokay Hostel Dordrecht River
Stayokay Hostel Dordrecht Canoe
Stayokay Hostel Dordrecht Sunset Canoe
Baanhoekweg 25, 3313 LA Dordrecht, Netherlands
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