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What used to be a refuge for pirates and smugglers is today the luxurious escape for the very richest. There are very few places like this in the USA. A tropical resort with its own island.

Little Palm Island is a secret Florida destination. In the early days before the Internet, you could only make a reservation by calling this number: 0900-GETLOST. And then you were told at which kilometer marker you will be picked up by a boat.

After extensive destruction caused by Hurricane Irma in 2017, the resort remained closed for over two years. But now it's welcoming guests, once again!

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Palm Island Florida Resort Yacht Dock

Little Palm Island in Florida

It's like in Dubai, but better. After half an hour of sailing, you arrive on a tropical island with a few luxurious bungalows for guests who can afford an overnight stay. You can choose from one of the 15 bungalows containing two suites.

Little Palm Island Resort and Spa proves that good things come in small packages. This exclusive resort hotel has only 30 guest rooms, and the island never has more than 60 visitors.

This way, exclusivity and privacy are guaranteed, along with an attentive service to every guest. So don't be surprised if you end up meeting a celebrity! For example, former US President Harry Truman was a frequent visitor.

Palm Island Florida

Little Palm Island is a unique vacation destination between Marathon and Key West on the west coast of Florida. It's an island complex consisting of four islands: Big Munson Island (an uninhabited island), Munson Island (notably known for the Little Palm Island), Hopkins Island, and Cook Island.

Little Palm Island Resort Monkey Hut Restaurant

The hotel offers fantastic sea views, a private beach, a luxurious spa, and a 5-star restaurant.

Little Palm Island Resort Monkey Hut Verandah

In the Monkey Hut restaurant, you can enjoy dinner prepared by executive chef Brendan Mica known for his fusion cuisine. You can also have a romantic dinner at the beach.

Little Palm Island Resort Verandah Dining With Ocean View

Little Palm Island Resort Great Room Suite

Little Palm Island Resort Grand Bed Room

As you would expect from a resort of this level, the Bungalow Suites offer stylishly furnished interiors with plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Little Palm Island Resort Grand Living Room

Little Palm Island Resort Monkey Hut Terrace

In the luxurious bungalows, there are no TVs or telephones, and no children under the age of 18 are allowed here. Instead, this is a place for romantic escapes.

Little Palm Island Resort Premier Suite Living Room

You can relax on the veranda overlooking the ocean or enjoy the same view from the bathrooms from a charming Boudoir bathtub.

Little Palm Island Resort Premier Suite Bathroom With Freestanding Bathtubs Overlooking The Ocean And Palm Trees

Little Palm Island Resort Romance Suite

Little Palm Island Resort Romance Suite Balcony

Little Palm Island Resort Bungalow

Little Palm Island Resort Shore Club Bungalow

Little Palm Island Resort Bar

Little Palm Island Resort Spa Interior

You can unwind at Florida Palms Island's luxurious spa. They offer various facial and body treatments, massages, and yoga and meditation classes.

Little Palm Island Resort Spa Couples Room Bath

Are you interested in a fitness program tailored to you? Then book a personal trainer.

Little Palm Island Resort Pond

Little Palm Island Resort Yoga Class

Little Palm Island Resort Outdoor Swimming Pool

Little Palm Island Resort Pool At Night

Little Palm Island Resort Outdoor Dining Next To A Fire Pit

Little Palm Island Resort Beachside Firepit

Little Palm Island Resort Sandy Beach Dining

Little Palm Island Resort Romantic Dining In The Sea

Little Palm Island Resort Paradise Beach

How to get to Little Palm Island

The resort is so remote that there is no other way than flying or taking a boat ride. Google Maps shows two locations, one in Little Torch Key, where their sailing and motorboats are stationed, and one on Munson Island, where their secluded retreat is located.

The best and most stylish way to arrive at Little Palm Island's tropical paradise is via a private seaplane charter with Tropic Ocean Airways. You get to enjoy the amazing views of the Straits of Florida, plus you can choose a convenient airport in Florida or the Bahamas as your starting point.

Little Palm Island Resort Beach At Night

The most affordable way to reach the resort is by car. It's a 3-hour drive from Miami. Take the U.S. Route 1 highway leading to Key West, and park your car at the Little Torch Key. The boat service at Little Palm Island will take care of the rest and transfer you to Munson Island.

Alternatively, you can cruise your own yacht to the resort's dock, the Welcome Station.

28500 Overseas Highway, Little Torch Key, FL, 33042