The Pretty Beach House - Lux Villa In The Bouddi National ParkThe Pretty  
Beach House

The Pretty Beach House looks downright magical, and maybe with good reason since it’s placed against the backdrop of ancient angophora, the Brisbane Waters, and the amazing scenery of the Bouddi National Park. It’s a beachside location and not too far a drive from Sydney. Meals and alcoholic drinks are included with the hospitality, and each pavilion (three in total) is finely decorated and serviced 24-7.

Travelers can look forward to combustion log fires, heated plunge pools, tub chairs in vintage leather, and fine Belgium linen. Even the tables are crafted by hand. When you’re ready to wind down, a cocktail bar, wine cellar, and infinity pool will help you relax in style. The interiors are actually designed to complement the bushland around the hotel, while local artists have created sculptures out of fallen angophora branches for a wonderfully artistic ambiance.

Finally, enjoy one of Australia’s top chefs in Stefano Manfredi of Italy, who can provide a specialty dish for in-room dining or in the atrium dining room.

Type: Beach   Luxury
The Pretty Beach House

The Pretty Beach House at night

The Pretty Beach House living room

The Pretty Beach House bedroom

The Pretty Beach House pool-side bed

Pool and sun deck

Tree and wooden pool

83 High View Rd, Pretty Beach NSW 2257, Australia