Accommodation types: Trailer
Location: Bisbee  USA  North America
The Shady Dell - Awesome Trailer ParkThe Shady  

Kick-started in 1927, The Shady Dell Vintage Trailer Court in Bisbee town of Arizona in the USA has come a long way as a provider of trailer and camping spaces along Highway 80. A unique stay awaits you here in vintage boats and trailers from the 20th century. Whether you choose to spend the night in the restored and elegantly furnished yacht, in a bus, or in a trailer, you can be assured of all basic amenities and comfort. This is your chance to dive into the 1930s with many vintage items like TVs and phonographs placed in the trailers.

For cooking, you can use charcoal grills and enjoy your meals in the middle of nowhere. The town of Bisbee has many interesting places where you can experience Arizona’s beauty and history. For example, you can make a visit to the Sonoita Vineyards and sample some wines or travel to Sandhill Crane for some birdwatching. History buffs will love the century-old Copper Queen Library and Bisbee’s Heritage Stairs. Alternatively, the town has great dining options for you to explore, like Ana’s Seasonal Kitchen and Café Roka, both of which are located on Main Street.

Photos by Kelly + Sergio

The Shady Dell sign
The Shady Dell trailer park
The Shady Dell terrace
The Shady Dell office
The Shady Dell trailers walkway
The Shady Dell trailers
Guy making fun at The Shady Dell

1957 Airfloat

Funny old woman at The Shady Dell

Tiki Bus

The Shady Dell hip trailer


The Shady Dell vintage trailer back
The Shady Dell vintage trailer
The Shady Dell trailer interior

1947 Chris Craft Yacht

The Shady Dell yacht chilling
The Shady Dell yacht back part
The Shady Dell vintage car
The Shady Dell trailers at night
The Shady Dell at night
1 Old Douglas Rd, Bisbee, AZ 85603, USA
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