The Trailer Pond – Happy Vintage Trailers & Great WineThe Trailer  

This happy place lies on a 130-acre (53 hectares) organic farm. The color-coded vintage trailers are spread around a pond and encircled by the greenery of the Alta Colina Vineyard.

The region is best known for its sweeping hills and its tasty wines. Before arriving at this tranquil place, all you have to do is choose between one of the five trailers produced in the late 50s to early 60s.

You can spot the era's iconic details inside and outside.

Type: Nature   Trailer   Wine
Photo credit: Craft and Cluster courtesy of Alta Colina Winery
The Trailer Pond At The Alta Colina Vineyard

The Trailer Pond Color-Coded Vintage Trailers

The Trailer Pond Line Of Vintage Campers

The Trailer Pond Trailers

The Trailer Pond 50s Vintage Trailer

The Trailer Pond Trailer Door

The campers are fitted with double beds and cute tiny kitchens that are equipped with Keurig coffee makers.

The Trailer Pond Entering The Vintage Trailer

The dining corner is small but cozy, and there is a private terrace right in front of the trailer extending your space outdoors.

The Trailer Pond Vintage Trailer Dining Room

Where's the bathroom, you might wonder. There isn't! At least not in the trailers. They set up a separate place for the bathroom on the camping grounds that all guests can use, including an outdoor shower.

The Trailer Pond Vintage Trailer Double Bedroom

The Trailer Pond Vintage Trailer Colorful Bedroom

The Trailer Pond Vintage Trailer Kitchen

The Trailer Pond Vintage Trailer Door To The Lake

The Trailer Pond Vintage Trailer Private Terrace

The Trailer Pond Communal Dining

In the evening time, you can gather around the fireplace and chit-chat while slurping on the award-winning Estate-Crafted Rhône wine to release its unique aroma. Best consumed throughout the sunsets.

The Trailer Pond Evening Fireplace

The Trailer Pond is for those who like to step back in time, slow down and just enjoy the beauty of the moment.

The Trailer Pond Camp

The Trailer Pond Platform

Sweeping Hills Of Paso Robles

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