Geneseo Inn - Shipping Containers Turned Into Unique Wine Country CabinsGeneseo Inn  

The masterminds behind the unique Geneseo Inn concept are Steve Cass and Ted Plemons, who hired a talented architect to design an innovative bed and breakfast.

Walter Perry of Ecotech Design was the architect of the eight cabins of the boutique hotel nestled in the rolling hills.

With the help of Crate Modular, they've utilized twenty shipping containers to create luxurious suites standing six feet (two meters) above the ground.

The clever design allowed a parking space for cars below each unit, and the elevated height resulted in even better views from the balconies.

It's not only the unique architecture and wine-tasting that make Geneseo Inn an attractive destination.

They run all kinds of classes where you can learn new skills, ranging from bee-keeping and olive oil-making to winemaking.

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Geneseo Inn Drone Photo

The eight industrial-style cabins were built on the scenic grounds of the CASS Winery vineyard. The Geneseo Inn is situated between Los Angeles and San Francisco, close to Paso Robles.

The Californian city is famous for its hot springs, olive trees, almond orchards, and countless wineries.

Geneseo Inn Shipping Container Architecture

Here, in the heart of the wine country, you'll be encircled by 145 acres of vines, ancient oak trees, and beautiful hills.

Geneseo Inn Industrial-Style Architecture

The project uses modular components in combination with recycled materials.

Geneseo Inn Cabins

Geneseo Inn Cabin Interior

The rough industrial exterior hides luxurious indoor spaces where the only reminder of the shipping container's origins is on the ceilings.

Geneseo Inn Country Roads Suite

Geneseo Inn Easyrides Suite

Through the expansive windows, light comes in uninterrupted, giving fantastic views even from the comfort of your bed.

But it's the balcony where you will most likely enjoy a bottle of fine wine and breathe in the vineyard views.

Geneseo Inn Bedroom View

Geneseo Inn Ebony And Ivory Room

Geneseo Inn White Rabbit Suite Bathroom

Each room is a unique design crafted by Eliana Interior Design.

Geneseo Inn Atlas Room

The interiors are fitted with frosted glass, sleek marble, granite, and exclusive, 200-year-old Missouri barn wood.

Geneseo Inn Bathroom

Geneseo Inn Private Balcony

Geneseo Inn Garden Terrace

Geneseo Inn will live up to your expectations if you enjoy cozy evenings by the crackling fireplace in great company with a glass of quality wine.

Geneseo Inn Cozy Evening Fireplace

Adventure seekers will be equally thrilled by the options. The camp offers onsite vineyard horseback trail rides, electric bike tours, and archery.

And if you choose to unwind, there are yoga classes, and you can have a relaxing massage.

Geneseo Inn Horse

Geneseo Inn Electric Bike Rental

7350 Linne Rd, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States