The House Of Sandeman - World's First Branded Hostel On The Banks Of Duoro RiverThe House  
Of Sandeman

A new hospitality concept was born in the heart of Vila Nova de Gaia, right above a historic wine cellar. Sandeman, a brand of Port wines founded in 1790, offered their office building on the banks of Duoro River to open a new type of accommodation in collaboration with the Independente Collective. The group is responsible for bringing like-minded travelers together in unique and authentically Portuguese properties.

The Independente Collective has wholly transformed the 200-year-old building during its four-year-long renovation process. They've torn down fake walls to find the original architectural elements and showcase the property's aged beauty. The restoration was even more complicated because of the hotel & hostel concept the owners have envisioned. A core part was also to keep an intimate atmosphere, so they limited the number of beds to 43. What's more, they wanted to combine four-star hotel qualities with the cozy communal features of hostels.

And that's not all. Thus far, there were no branded hostels in the world. However, the cooperation with the Port wine producer meant that it would become the world's first branded hostel. So, finally, in 2018, The House of Sandeman was opened.

The House of Sandeman prides itself on exceptional informal service. Behind the strong concept, there is the vital layer of human interaction. The staff is friendly, down-to-earth, and knowledgeable. They know the city well and can share insider information, showing you a different side of the town.

The House Of Sandeman

Sandeman's bar is the central piece of the lounge, where bartenders prepare exceptional drinks.

The House Of Sandeman Lounge & Bar

Sandeman-themed art and decoration in the lounge

Sandeman-themed art and decoration in the lounge

You can take the hostel's branded city bikes for a spin in the old town.

The House Of Sandeman Bikes

The view from the lounge is spectacular.

The House Of Sandeman Vista
The House Of Sandeman View On Porto

Curiously, the hostel's public areas sit atop where the wine ages.

The House Of Sandeman Wine Cellar

In the wine cellars, you will have the chance to see one of the most impressive antique bottle collections in Europe.

The House Of Sandeman Wine Cellar Barrels

Here, you will discover Sandeman’s 200 years of history, and there are multiple wine tasting options, of course.

The House Of Sandeman Wine Tasting
The House Of Sandeman Ramada

These dormitory rooms not only look unique, but they also feature the world's largest hostel beds. Because why would you compromise on the bed's quality when you already have to share the room with others?

The House Of Sandeman Dormitory Room Quirky Beds

The king-sized beds are fitted inside a quirky-shaped frame inspired by Port wine barrels. There are three types of dormitories to choose from; 14-bed, 8-bed, and 7-bed.

The House Of Sandeman Barrel-Shaped Hostel Beds

Nine of the twelve suites have this incredible view of Duoro River and Porto's old town. The largest room is the Superior suite which is wonderfully decorated with Sandeman artwork. The most affordable option is the small room. While it does not have a river view, it's equipped with a turntable and a selection of vinyl records. How cool is that?!

The House Of Sandeman Private Bedroom
The House Of Sandeman Room
The House Of Sandeman Double Room At Night With Porto Panorama

Superior room with epic panorama on Porto's colorful buildings and the river.

The House Of Sandeman Superior Room With River View
The House Of Sandeman Superior Room French Balcony
The House Of Sandeman Superior Room River Panorama

The George Gastro & Cocktail Bar

The George Gastro And Cocktail Bar

The restaurant's riverside terrace is a sight to behold. And it's a perfect spot to sip on a Port wine during sunset and enjoy the scenic view of the Ribiera.

The George Gastro And Cocktail Bar Terrace
The George Gastro And Cocktail Bar Riverside Terrace
Riverside Terrace Music Band
Largo Miguel Bombarda, 4430-175 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal