Wendy - The Aberporth Express - Through The Halfmoon's Vegetable EyeWendy  

There is something about the Welsh coast that is difficult to put into words… it is dramatic and gentle at once with myths and stories soaked into the soil like rain. Here is the land of ancient dragons, where Balyn struck the dolorous stroke and plunged a kingdom into wretchedness, warring Princes, and the fiery revivals of the 19th Century – it is a land more earthy and passionate than its more successful and cerebral neighbor.

There is probably no better way to experience the feeling I am crudely groping then by staying at the Aberporth Express; I mean, the converted railway carriage is perched on a sheer cliff. Inside you are protected from the elements; the oak-paneled interior is fully heated and luxuriously appointed with a kitchen, two bedrooms, and a verandah. The site is one of the best ways to spot seals and bottle-nosed dolphins in the UK. So find out about Wales and stay in this unique hotel.

Wendy - The Aberporth Express

Train carriage corridor

Wendy - The Aberporth Express living room

The Aberporth Express kitchen

The Aberporth Express bedroom

The Aberporth Express bathroom


Aberporth, Wales, United Kingdom