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To get to your room you will need to climb 13 meters up a rope ladder. It is located high in the boughs of a magnificent Oak tree which is 130 years old. From your private balcony, you will command spectacular views of a public park and Lake Mälaren. Room service is delivered via a pulley system or you can decide to be winched up and down from your room.

Artist Mikael Genberg designed the hotel to look like a traditional Swedish Red Cottage placed incongruously in a treetop rather like it has been deposited there by a fairy-tale tornado. It was built in 1998 and is suspended from very strong wires so no nails damage the tree. The accommodation is comfortable and rustic with a dry toilet. As there is no heating at the moment you can only stay there in the summer season.

Type: Treehouse
Location: Vasteras  Sweden  West Europe
Woodpecker Hotel

Vasaparken is a centrally located city park in Västerås. Spending the night here may be the coolest thing you have ever done! Imagine a night full of laughter with friends in the park and when the night falls, instead of going home to your concrete building you just climb the ropes to your treehouse.

Woodpecker Hotel in the winter

Hotell Hackspett

Photo by Udo Schröter

Woodpecker Hotel in the central park of Vasteras

Woodpecker Hotel tree house

Woodpecker Hotel from the bottom

Woodpecker Hotel room view on Vasteras

Woodpecker Hotel veranda

Central City Park, Vasteras, Sweden