Capsule Hotel Lucerne - Switzerland’s First Capsule Hotel Is Affordable And FuturisticCapsule Hotel  

If you’ve been putting that Swiss holiday away because of the high prices, here’s some good news. Switzerland just got its very first capsule hotel with a pretty affordable price tag!

Capsule Hotel Lucerne is located right on the edge of the historic city center and just 10 minutes on foot from the train station.

Being part of the Hirschengraben Coworking and Innovations Space, it doesn’t surprise that the hotel is channeling strong futuristic vibes.

Type: Capsule
Capsule Hotel Lucerne LAB
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Capsule Hotel Lucerne LAB Lounge

LAB lounge

Capsule Hotel Lucerne LAB Living Room

LAB living room

Capsule Hotel Lucerne Outbreak Room

Outbreak room

Capsule Hotel Lucerne Co-Working Space

Here's a pro tip if you need to do some remote work from Lucerne. For a fee, you can access the co-working space at Hirschengraben and work alongside other digital nomads and local Swiss entrepreneurs. Maybe some new career opportunities will come out of it?

Capsule Hotel Lucerne Space Capsules

The capsule room

Following the Japanese capsule hotel trend, the Lucerne location consists of self-contained pods that afford as much privacy and comfort as possible in a very small space.

Capsule Hotel Lucerne Capsules

The pods feature individually-controlled ventilation, a safe, sizeable mirror, dimmable mood lighting, and a charging station.

Capsule Hotel Lucerne Capsule Interior

You can also upgrade to a version with a flat TV or go for a Premium Capsule that looks a lot more like a conventional hotel room.

Capsule Hotel Lucerne Capsule Bed

The best part about Capsule Hotel Lucerne is the impressive space design.

Model girl inside the pod

Sliding your capsule doors open and crawling into a blue-lit pod, you won’t have much trouble imagining that you’re aboard a spaceship.

Pod interior

The corridors are covered in galactic prints from floor to ceiling, so it feels like the white capsules are actually floating weightlessly in space.

Capsule features

Plus, everything is automated, even the check-in and check-out process. You’re the captain here!

Capsule Hotel Lucerne Bathroom

Capsule Hotel Lucerne Rooftop Terrace

Shared rooftop terrace

Capsule Hotel Lucerne Rooftop Panorama on the City

Lucerne panorama from the rooftop terrace

Hirschengraben 40, 6003 Luzern, Switzerland