Capsule Inn Sapporo - Male-Only Capsule HotelCapsule Inn  

This capsule hotel is unusual because it is male-only. Sorry girls. I’m not sure why it is single-sex but aside from that, this capsule hotel is fairly typical of its kind. Expect to leave your shoes at the door, put your things in the locker room, and take advantage of the communal amenities. You can read in the library, sweat in the sauna, and bathe or shower in the baths. Your capsule has a TV, radio, alarm clock, and air-conditioning.

There is an option of a 6 pm check-out which is helpful if you are jetlagged or just love hanging out in a Perspex coffin. Room rates are reasonable and there are the joys of Sapporo city to entice you. The hotel is well located, near the entertainment center of the city and near enough to travel to the unique ski-slopes and thermal baths Hokkaido is famous for. It is also near the train station which will take you to the airport within 40 minutes so if you are traveling, and need a place to sleep at a reasonable rate, you could do a lot worse.

Type: Capsule
Location: Sapporo  Japan  East Asia
Capsule Inn Sapporo building

Capsule Inn Sapporo lobby

Capsule Inn Sapporo lobby with seats to relax

Capsule Inn Sapporo lockers

Capsule Inn Sapporo capsules

Capsule hotel

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View from the capsule

Design and functions of the capsule

Entertainment room with TV

Capsule Inn Sapporo pool

Nishi 3-Chome, Minami 3-Jo, Chuo-Ku, Sapporo, Japan