Accommodation types: Trailer
Location: Marfa  USA  North America
El Cosmico – An Exodus From The World Of UrgencyEl Cosmico  

A delightful slice of Americana that stays true to the native and Latino peoples that have been a part of life in Texas for centuries; El Cosmico is a rural retreat that features a range of accommodation. Traveling through centuries of human life, let’s start with the simple tent.

Their campsite features an outdoor kitchen and washrooms. Their large teepee is full of delicious cushions and warm rugs inside. You could choose the safari tents with wooden floors and queen beds. Or the traditional American trailer with beds, dining, and cooking facilities inside. More than a place for tourists, El Cosmico’s philosophy is about finding that special restorative rest that is unique to being in nature.

They also love art and run creative workshops in art, music, and writing. Also, there are annual music festivals held on-site including one for Ambient music – the underrated soundtrack of bleary Sunday mornings and hippy chill-out tents the world over complete with the essential hypnotic visuals.

El Cosmico campsite
El Cosmico camp features
El Cosmico tent


El Cosmico trailer hotel
Branstrator trailer
Simple bath on the terrace
Branstrator terrace
Entering the Branstrator trailer
Branstrator room
Inside the Branstrator trailer
Branstrator trailer kitchen
Branstrator trailer bedroom

Imperial Mansion

El Cosmico trailer accommodation
Imperial Mansion trailer
Imperial Mansion trailer living room
Imperial Mansion trailer bedroom
Imperial Mansion trailer bed

Kozy Coach

Trailer hotel
Kozy Coach trailer exterior
Kozy Coach exterior detail
Kozy Coach trailer interior
Kozy Coach trailer kitchen
Kozy Coach bed

Royal Mansion

Trailer accommodation
Royal Mansion trailer at night
Royal Mansion kitchen
Trailer hotel bedroom


El Cosmico trailer hotel
Vagabond trailer exterior
Vagabond trailer interior
Vagabond trailer room
Vagabond trailer bedroom
802 South Highland Avenue Marfa, TX 79843, USA
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