Ellerman House - Fine Art Gallery In A Boutique Hotel In Cape TownEllerman  

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, The Ellerman House is a boutique hotel home to just 11 rooms, 2 suites, and 2 three-bedroom Villas. Perched on the cliffside of Africa’s majestic Lion’s Head mountain, this masterpiece of a mansion offers unreal views of the Atlantic and spectacular accommodations.

South African art peppers the walls throughout The Ellerman House, where no two rooms are identical. All but two rooms offer stunning views of the sea below. The house also offers guests two lounges, a library, dining room, three dining terraces, spa, gym, pool, and art gallery. For those who like to relax with a good drink, there is a brandy lounge, wine gallery (home to 7,500 South African wines), and, yes, even a champagne cellar!

Due to the location of The Ellerman House, guests can’t really walk to nearby restaurants - the use of a car is recommended. However, why leave? There’s plenty of delicious dining options at this hotel. With a team of chefs led by Executive Chef Grant Daniels, guests can enjoy an array of South African-inspired recipes. The dining room serves all meals, and non-guests are not permitted, leaving you the ultimate air of privacy and peace. There is also a 24-hour ‘snack station’ complete with cakes and teas for those craving a midnight snack!

The Ellerman House has also recently launched an initiative to become Cape Town’s most eco-friendly boutique hotel. From solar panels and LED light bulbs to earthworm farms and recycling systems, this house is quickly going green so that you can feel even better about your stay.

Type: Art   Luxury
Ellerman House sunset
Ellerman House in the evening
Ellerman House lounge
Ellerman House art gallery entrance
Ellerman House art gallery
Ellerman House wine gallery
Ellerman House deluxe suite
Ellerman House deluxe room
Ellerman House villa with balcony
Ellerman House private pool with sea panorama
Ellerman House Spa
Ellerman House spa pool
Ellerman House terrace
Ellerman House garden
Ellerman House swimming pool
180 Kloof Rd, Bantry Bay, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa