The Shire of Montana Hobbit House - It Could Be Hobbit-FormingHobbit  

It’s not the adorable fairy houses nor the fact that this self-catering accommodation has been carved out of a hillside; the attention to detail makes this secluded getaway so impressive.

Set on acres of private land in the expansive Montana wilderness, you find yourself completely immersed in Tolkien’s world.

Every little detail is considered: the Gandalf frosted glass, the ring of power dangling from a beam, and your own hairy-footed Hobbit slippers. The trees are decorated like friendly Ents, there is a troll mining pit, and many famous hobbits live locally.

And, of course, the Ring Wraiths are here to steal your soul – not really but do look out for the Bald Eagle that patrols the sky. The furnishings are all handmade, there is Internet and a plush media system.

Perhaps surprisingly, the resort is adults-only, but this is in line with owner Steve Michaels’ wish to help people connect with their inner child in a quiet space. And he should know, as he’s a qualified hypnotherapist and self-help author.

Type: Fairytale   Nature

Are you ready for a magical underground experience?

Hobbit House grass roof

The Shire of Montana is located in a beautiful valley, and it offers a glimpse into the lives of hobbits.

Hobbit House from the top

The attention to detail is incredible, from the fairy tale murals to the handmade miniature furniture.

Hobbit House

All the woodwork and paintings are the work of experienced artistic hands.

Hobbit House Mural

The hobbit house is magical inside and outside.

Hobbit House with lights

The "enter at your own risk" sign shouldn't put you off. The Hobbit House is warm and welcoming!

Enter at your own risk sign at Hobbit House

Hobbit Feet

Hobbit House entrance

The Hobbit houses are inspired by the stories of JRR Tolkien inside and out.

Hobbit House living room

Hobbit House kitchen

The Hobbit houses offer space for three people, with a large and Hobbit-sized bedroom.

Hobbit House bedroom

A secret hideaway in the bedroom is where hobbits share dreamy nights with you.

Hobbit House room

The owners have built a tiny hobbit house in the garden, including a micro bicycle.

Bilbo Baggins house

The Shire of Montana is full of details from the books of JRR Tolkien, and if you're lucky, you may see Gandalf wandering around this small replica of the Hobbit's hometown.

Little hobbit house

Frodo Baggins House

Standard hobbit house

Hobbit tree

Hobbit cloth

Hobbit mushroom

Hobbit house owners

The Shire of Montana Hobbit Bridge

Troll House HDR Photo at The Shire of Montana

9 Hobbit Lane, Trout Creek, MT 59874