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To get to this mountain-top hotel, you must climb up 60,000 steps – or take the cable car. If you choose to climb the stairs, you are in for an exciting time.

They begin by traveling through the aperture of the cliff known as the Thread of Sky. Further up the steps is a mere shoulder-width apart and are soon surrounded by air and two sheer drops on either side.

Another option for getting to the top of this granite heft is to hire some porters to take you in a wicker chair attached to two bamboo poles.

At the top, you will be rewarded with sweeping views of China’s Huangshan mountain range, book-ended by the rising and setting sun.

It’s an ancient site, thick with lore. Indeed there is a pine tree nearby believed to be 1,500 years old. In addition, there is a sauna and massage center in the Yupinglou Hotel, perfect for soothing those aches and pains picked up when trekking through this dramatic scenery.

Type: Mountain
Location: Huangshan  China  East Asia

The unique hotel hides at one of the majestic peaks of Huangshan - the Yellow Mountain.

Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel On The Top Of The Yellow Mountains

UNESCO listed the mountain range as an official World Cultural Heritage Site in 1990.

Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel During Snowy Winter

Three of its most famous peaks are The Lotus Peak, The Brilliant Top Mountain, and The Celestial Capital, all of which rise 5,906 feet (1,800 meters) above sea level.

Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel Building Entrance

Due to its unique location, the hotel has various nicknames, like "Yuping in the sky" or "The hotel on the ladder."

Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel Reception

Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel opened over 60 years ago. It's 400 meters away from the Yuping cable car that takes you up the mountain.

Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel Lounge

Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel Restaurant

Even though the hotel lies in a remote area high above the clouds, the comfort level is of a high-class hotel.

Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel Room

The hotel has various rooms, including one that faces the Huangshan mountains, with a panoramic view of pine trees, cliffs, and passing clouds.

Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel Terrace

The nature around Huangshan has a pre-historic feel to it.

Huangshan mountain granite peaks

Huangshan mountain trekking

The best time for a visit is between October to early March if you want to see breathtaking sunrises and sunsets from the peaks of the Huangshan mountain.

Huangshan Sunset

Huangshan mountain volcano shape sunset

Huangshan Mountain Dark Scenery

Huangshan Scenic Area, Huangshan, China