Mischabel Hut - A Mecca For Mountaineering NerdsMischabel  

This Alpine hut is 3,340 meters above sea level and located deep in the Pennine Alps. It is only accessible to experienced hikers who can make the 4-mile journey from the nearby town of Saas-Fee, which was used as a location for the Wham! 1984 hit single, “Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart”.

Plenty of mountaineers would gladly give their heart to the Mischabel Hut as it is the starting point for exhilarating ascents of the Lenzspitze, the Nadelhorn, and the Hohberghorn. The hut was built in 1903 and today consists of dormitories, the main building with a kitchen and lounge, and individual cottages. There is room for 130 guests, and breakfast, dinner, and drinks are available. I imagine you could also get some sandwiches and Toblerone packed for your lunch on the slopes – if not, they’re missing a trick. This hut is meant to be used as a means to a great climbing holiday, but even so, I’m sure it will have you yodeling for more.

Ladder on the rocks to climb up to the Mischabel Hut

Mischabel Hut on the rocks

Mischabel Hut in the snow

Mischabel Hut above the clouds in the Alps

Mischabel Hut entrance sign showing the 3340 meters height where the hotel lies

Mischabel Hut restaurant

Mischabel Hut dormitory room

Mischabel Hut terracec with panoramic Alps view

Alps wide panorama

Snowy Alp tops

Photo by Beat Buergi

Green Alps

Photo by Beat Buergi

Sunset at the peak of the Alps mountain range

Drawing of Mischabel Hut in the beginning of the 20th century

Drawing of Mischabel Hut in the beginning of the 20th century

3906 Saas Fee, Switzerland