Ooops Hotel - Oops! It Appears My Hotel Has SunkOoops  

At first glance, it looks like this hotel is a victim of flooding – half submerged in Lake Mälaren. The foundations, driven into the lake bed, have been made to look as if they are the ground floor of a house, creating a cunning illusion. You are delivered to this unique hotel by boat.

The single-floor accommodation is at the top of the house and is encircled by wooden decking on which you can sit and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the beautiful lake and its wildlife. Your stay is inestimably comfortable. Inside the house is a luxury bedroom, kitchen, and sauna - all solar-powered, of course. In addition, you have access to a dingy, so you can paddle out and explore the lake and its islands at leisure. Breakfast is included, and your other meals can be whipped up in the well-stocked kitchen.

Type: Island
Location: Vasteras  Sweden  West Europe
House sank in the water functioning as a hotel, called the Ooops Hotel

Ooops! Hotel looks like the result of some flood catastrophe, but luckily it's only a quirky design feature, as the house is totally safe to inhabit.

Ooops Hotel

The transfer is by boat, and due to its location in the Västeråsfjärden bay, you will be completely secluded.

Ooops hotel interior

The minimalist Swedish interior design style is spiced up by a hint of antique furniture.

Ooops hotel living room

Ooops hotel bedroom

So, would you dare to sleep in a "sinking" hotel?

Västeråsfjärden, Västerås, Sweden