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Pangea Pod Hotel - Hip Pod Hotel In The Heart Of Whistler, CanadaPangea Pod  

If you’re traveling to Whistler, Canada’s prime skiing resort, Pangea Pod is a good choice for accommodation that’s both well-located and affordable. Situated just 200 meters from Whistler and Blackcomb gondolas and right on the Village Stroll, Pangea is right in the center of all the ski and – more importantly – après ski fun.

Pod hotels are a modern invention, but Pangea channels ski chalet atmosphere with natural wood finishes and warm colors. There are three different types of pods to choose from: Mezzanine is the cheapest, Front-entry is in the middle, and Side-entry is the most expensive. Their differences aren’t that significant, but Side-entry pods are the most spacious and comfortable to get inside. All pods come with charging stations, lockable lockers, individually controlled air circulation, and a pre-reserved ski rack in the storage. They're also organized in eight separate suites, so you only share the space and the bathroom with a few guests.

Pangea isn't called that for no reason. The hotel’s mission is to bring people from all continents together and create a social environment to mingle. This can be done at The Living Room, where you can grab a bite, a drink, or play a round of your favorite board game. Or how about The Rooftop patio, where you can sip on your mulled wine with a view? The Happy Hour that starts already at 1 p.m. and goes on until late sure helps make new friends.

Pangea Pod Hotel Building at Night
Pangea Pod Hotel Main Entrance at Night
Pangea Pod Hotel Entrance Murals
Pangea Pod Hotel Neon Stairs
Pangea Pod Hotel Reception
Pangea Pod Hotel Restaurant & Living Room
Pangea Pod Hotel Bar
Pangea Pod Hotel Corridor Design
Pangea Pod Hotel Suite with Pods
Pangea Pod Hotel Front Entry Pods
Pangea Pod Hotel Capsules
Pangea Pod Hotel Bathroom
Pangea Pod Hotel Shower
Pangea Pod Hotel Toy Box Skis
Pangea Pod Hotel Toy Box Bikes
Pangea Pod Hotel Rooftop Bar
Pangea Pod Hotel Rooftop Patio Overlooking Whistler
4333 Sunrise Alley, Whistler, BC V8E 1M7, Canada
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