Perivolas Hotel Oia Santorini - Paradise Hewn On HistoryPerivolas  

This hotel is located on a secluded clifftop that overlooks the Greek island of Santorini. The island is part of a circular archipelago formed from volcanic rock following an ancient eruption that is fabled to have destroyed the city of Atlantis.

Today, the island's edge is around the crest of a mile-deep hole in the ocean floor, where you can find premier diving spots.

Perivolas is a romantic resort full of terraced gardens and a large infinity pool that melts into the sunset.

Your accommodation is designed in the style of the whitewashed heat-reflecting walls of the local villages. Don’t expect Netflix – this is a place to switch off.

The islands have been inhabited for thousands of years, and you can explore this vast repository of culture and history during your stay.

The local villages are a medley of family vineyards and traditional taverns where you can sample the famous Mediterranean lifestyle.

The nearby beach offers swimming, where you can glide through clear, calm waters.

Type: Beach   Island   Luxury
Location: Oia  Greece  East Europe
Perivolas stairs
Perivolas white building
Perivolas terrace
Perivolas inside and outside pool
Perivolas room
Perivolas bedroom
Perivolas private terrace with pool
View from the room at Perivolas hotel Oia
Perivolas spa with jacuzzi
Perivolas pool with sea view
Girl sitting at the edge of the infinity pool
Perivolas Hotel Sunset Hammock
Perivolas, Thira 847 02, Greece