Rigi-Kulm Hotel - A Sunrise To Melt Your EyesRigi-Kulm  

This hotel has a unique location on the summit of Mt Rigi, “the queen of the Alps”. In its 200 year history, the location has changed from a goat-strewn grassy desert to today's tourist destination. It remains one of the best places in the world to see the sunrise, and throughout its history, it has hosted various clever people, including Mark Twain who remarked of his fellow guests, “They were eagerly buying all sorts and styles of paper cutters marked ‘souvenir of Rigi’… I was going to buy a paper cutter, but I believed I could remember the cold comfort of the Rigi-Kulm without it, so I smothered the impulse”.

Today the wonders of technology have transformed the gift shop, so now you can buy keyrings and snowcones. However, the view remains the same as when the Alps were first carved out of the infinite density of the Earth, and the sunrise too is a sight that will, for those moments, allow you to transcend this fleshy incasing. After that, you can send your fleshy incasing down a ski slope or hike through majestic trails.

Type: Mountain
Hike up to the Mountain Rigi
Rigi-Kulm Hotel aerial view
Rigi-Kulm Hotel from above
Rigi-Kulm Hotel at night
Rigi-Kulm Hotel restaurant
Rigi-Kulm Hotel room
Rigi-Kulm Hotel bedroom with a bathtub
Rigi-Kulm Hotel sunset view
Rigi-Kulm Hotel magical sunset
Rigi Mountain with clouds
Rigi Alps Mountain breathtaking view
Kulm 7, 6410 Rigi Kulm, Switzerland