Accommodation types: Heritage   Tower
Location: Asti  Italy  West Europe
Rotarius - B&B In A Medieval Tower In ItalyRotarius  

At the top of this medieval tower, you will find your dramatic bedroom. Have you seen how high the ceiling is?

The candles, the stone walls, the exquisite hardwood furnishings, this is just sexy. And historical too.

Sexy and historical – not too often, you get those two things together. But here they are in this single-suite bed and breakfast.

The location is in Northern Italy near Turin, a region famous for its wines, unique culture, and annual bareback horserace.

Asti old town

As for the medieval tower, it was built in the 13th Century and was described by Gabiani, a 19th Century historian, as “superb and majestic.”

Rotarius tower

It is one of the highest towers of its kind, and from your room, you are welcome to panoramic views of the ancient town and surrounding countryside.

Rotarius furniture

Food is important in this area of the world; they even have a whole season devoted to that single rare delicacy - the white truffle.

Rotarius kitchen

The cathedrals are from the 13th Century, the crypts are from the 6th Century, and the piazzas are beautiful baroque… get the picture? I’d book now.

Rotarius room with vintage decoration
Rotarius room with brick walls
Rotarius room with stairs
Rotarius bedroom
Rotarius bed
Rotarius gallery bookshelves
Rotarius books
Piazza S. Martino 15, Asti AT, Italy
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