Three Camel Lodge – Incredible Experiences And Eco TourismThree Camel  

Built in the heart of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia the experience hotel is staffed by Mongolians who offer traditional hospitality to visitors. You stay in a “Ger” which is the traditional tent of Mongolia’s nomadic herders. They are heated by a wood burner and supported by beautifully painted wooden lattices. Your luxury Ger has a king-sized bed, sink and toilet, and traditional beauty products.

A huge range of tours, nomadic expeditions, and cultural experiences are on offer. You can take a birding expedition, explore dinosaur fossils, or journey to the Golden Eagles Festival of the Kazakhs in the Altai Mountains. You can take a horseback journey to a mystical lake with healing waters but then what do you expect from Mongolia’s multi-award winning tour guides? The lodge has firm eco principles and supports local efforts to conserve the natural environment and protect the culture of the local people.

Three Camel Lodge in Mongolia

Three Camel Lodge in the Gobi Desert

Three Camel Lodge Yurts

Three Camel Lodge Ger Restaurant

Three Camel Lodge bar

Family ger interior

Three Camel Lodge yurt interior

Mongolian Camel Festival

Gurvansaikhan National Park, Gobi Gurvan Saikhan, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia