Waldmeier’s Fasshotel - Wine Barrel HotelWaldmeier’s  

The Fasshotel is located amidst the famous vineyards of Schaffhausen canton in northern Switzerland. Wines produced in the region have become famous and widely sought after around the globe. The Waldmeier’s grandfather first began tending to the vines on his 5 hectares in 1991 which has since grown into a serene and environmentally friendly vineyard.

In addition to the fabulous wines, guests now venture to Waldmeier’s Fasshotel in Trasadingen to immerse themselves in every aspect of life at the vineyard. After a day of wine-tastings, guests have the option to stay overnight in one of four 15,000-litre barrels that have been converted into guestrooms. The oak barrels have been modified to accommodate six people in each barrel, complete with six separate beds and linens.

The rustic setting adds to the romantic ambience, making it a popular weekend destination. Although the furnishings are simple, they are clean and comfortable with lavatories located in a separate building. Delicious meals are served in the gastronomic barn next to the sleeping barrels. There is also an open-air hot tub for all the guests to enjoy.

Waldmeier’s Fasshotel offers the perfect starting point for the Trasadingen wine trail where you can experience a variety of wines produced around Klettgau. You are sure to enjoy spectacular views of the valley along the tour, but be sure to make appointments at the most popular destinations. Many visitors also stop by the wine museum in Hallau, enjoy boating trips to Rheinfall, or explore Old Town Schaffhausen during their holiday. The Swiss countryside is truly magnificent, offering sites and excursions for the whole family.

Waldmeier’s Fasshotel house with terrace

Waldmeier’s Fasshotel barrel with mother and daughter

Waldmeier’s Fasshotel barrels with wine on the table

Wine barrel art

Waldmeier’s Fasshotel barrel accommodation interior

Waldmeier’s Fasshotel wine barrel hotel interior

Waldmeier’s Fasshotel hot tub

Waldmeier’s Fasshotel family at the vineyard

Gässli 7, 8219 Trasadingen, Switzerland