Zaborin Ryokan - State-Of-The-Art Japanese Spa Hotel On The Hokkaido IslandZaborin  

Japan is known for its unique traditions, state-of-the-art technologies, and sleek architecture. Now, you can experience all of that and more at the Zaborin, located in Niseko, Japan. Niseko is not on mainland Japan; rather, it’s a town on Japan’s northern Hokkaido Island that sits by the dormant Mount Yōtei volcano. Its location makes this hotel the perfect getaway. In fact, the name Zaborin merges the traditional Japanese characters, ‘zabo’ meaning “to sit, to forget” and ‘rin’ which represents a small forest or wood.

Relax and forget your troubles in the lush Japanese woods! Zaborin has 15 villas that are located directly above the Zabo natural spring. Each villa is decorated in muted, calming tones with sleek, modern furnishings. One of the most unique distinctions at the Zaborin is their dedication to the environment. Natural hot spring water is used for underfloor heating and hot water, while the volcanic spring is used to cool the rooms during the summer months.

What’s a visit to Japan without enjoying some local cuisine? At Zaborin, guests can enjoy chef Yoshihiro Seno’s mouthwatering menu. Dishes are made with farm-fresh ingredients, embracing their natural tastes and textures. While there’s plenty to do in the hotel itself, you should venture out for a ski tour, hiking, tennis, river rafting, and more! There’s something for everyone here.

Type: Nature   Spa
Location: Niseko  Japan  East Asia
Zaborin Ryokan aerial
Zaborin Ryokan lounge
Zaborin Ryokan dining
Zaborin Ryokan restaurant
Design Japanese food
Zaborin Ryokan bedroom
Zaborin Ryokan bedroom with hot tub
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Zaborin Ryokan outdoor hot tub with nature view
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Zaborin Ryokan balcony in the winter
Zaborin Ryokan balcony
Zaborin Ryokan villa in the nature
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Mt. Niseko-Annupuri
044-0084 Hokkaido, Niseko, Kutchan Hanazono 76-4, Japan