The Alpina Gstaad - Award-Winning Palace In The Swiss AlpsThe Alpina  

Since late 2012, the Alpina Gstaad hotel has been alluring visitors from around the world with its old-school Swiss charm and chic modernity. The Alpina Gstaad winner of several distinct hotel awards should be your go-to destination for a one-of-a-kind Swiss experience. These accommodations go above and beyond to provide fully-furnished rooms and suites, complete with refined grandeur and streamlined furniture and appliances. A wide panoramic view provides a full-on view of the Swiss Alps. Feel free to bask in the European sunshine or lounge in an all-inclusive Jacuzzi bath.

The materials are as varied and captivating as the mountains’ gorgeous peaks. Black onyx, rustic wood, and sleek sconces grace these accommodations' floors, walls, and ceilings. This is the perfect destination for those seeking an immersive experience in the Alps that spares no expense in providing comfort, luxury, and an unforgettable holiday. Be sure to explore the gastronomic adventures in the hotel’s restaurant, as well as the soothing relaxation at the Six Senses Spa.

Type: Luxury   Mountain
Alpina Gstaad Hotel Aerial
Alpina Gstaad Hotel with Snowy Alps in the Background
Alpina Gstaad Check-In
Alpina Gstaad Grand Lounge
Alpina Gstaad Restaurant
Alpina Gstaad Dining
Alpina Gstaad Lounge
Alpina Gstaad Deluxe Suite
Alpina Gstaad Private Balcony
Alpina Gstaad Panorama Suite
Alpina Gstaad Panorama Suite Details
Alpina Gstaad Panorama Suite Bedroom
Alpina Gstaad Panorama Suite Bathroom
Alpina Gstaad Six Senses Spa Pools
Alpina Gstaad Spa Massage
Alpina Gstaad Outdoor Pool with Alps Views
Alpinastrasse 23, 3780 Gstaad, Switzerland