Art Villas Costa Rica - Mind Blowing Architecture In The JungleArt Villas  
Costa Rica

Art Villas are nestled 300 meters above the ocean in a lush jungle of Costa Rica, surrounded by heavenly pristine nature.

Wake up to the tropical sounds of scarlet macaws and spider monkeys in uniquely designed hideaways. There are not one but three individual state-of-the-art villa concepts here.

The resort runs yoga classes in an outdoor multifunctional jungle hall, and there is a state-of-the-art fitness studio for gym lovers.

Done with the warmups? Head down to the coast and ride on some of the best waves Costa Rica has to offer. Art Villas is situated in the Bay of Whales (Bahia Ballena), where you can spot two species of whales seven months a year.

Type: Jungle   Luxury   Nature
Photos by BoysPlayNice

The Art Villa

Sitting atop the hill, the Art Villa is a contemporary concrete structure that hides a masterfully detailed interior below its "roof wings".

Art Villa

The sheer beauty of the concrete surfaces is contrasted with vibrant colors and a perfectly designed natural flow of light across the premises.

Art Villa Side-View
Art Villa Main Entrance
Art Villa Entrance Hall
Art Villa Lounge
Art Villa Kitchen

The five bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms open to jungle and ocean views through their floor-to-ceiling windows.

Art Villa Bedroom
Art Villa Open Bedroom
Art Villa Bathroom With Freestanding Bathtub
Art Villa View

The villa opens up to a large terrace with a spectacular panorama of the lush rainforest and the Pacific Ocean.

Art Villa Pool Jungle Panorama

The Atelier Villa

Right below the Art Villa, The Atelier is a striking example of modern architecture that blends seamlessly into its environment.

The Atelier Villa

The green roof and the brown metal facade resembling the natural elements of the forest function as a natural camouflage, hiding the luxury villa from curious eyes.

The Atelier Villa Main Entrance With Green Roof
The Atelier Villa Meshed Metal Walls

The open spaces under the roof extend to the outdoor terraces, including the infinity pool that starts from the edge of your bed and stretches all the way to the green leaves of the surrounding jungle.

The Atelier Villa Lounge With Infinity Pool
The Atelier Villa Bedroom
The Atelier Villa Bathroom
The Atelier Villa Pool
The Atelier Villa Outdoor Pool In The Jungle
The Atelier Villa Terrace

The Coco

Last but not least, Coco's cone-shaped frames are looking for fun-loving guests.

The Coco

Its wooden-framed cocoons encompass circular elevated platforms that interconnect the Cocos with the main terrace, which has a shared kitchen and a panoramic pool.

The Coco Nests At Night
The Coco Kitchen
The Coco Kitchen Panorama
The Coco's Cone-Shaped Suites
The Coco Suite Interior
The Coco Open Bedroom Jungle View
The Coco Open Shower

The compact nests are fit with freestanding bathtubs with a wide-open jungle view.

The Coco Freestanding Bathtub
The Coco Balcony
The Coco Rainy Panorama
The Coco Platform With Pool
The Coco Jungle Pool
The Coco Jungle Trampoline
The Coco Sunset
The Coco Pool Sunset View
Calle Tiki Villas, 60504 Uvita, Costa Rica