Arte Luise Kunsthotel - Cutting Edge Art In BerlinArte Luise  

One of the coolest galleries in the world…which room would you like?

There’s only one place to be in Europe if you want cutting edge art - Berlin. Artists from all over the world come here to open galleries, boutiques, or, in the case of Art Luise, a hotel. The hotel is located in a beautiful neoclassical building built in 1829. It is located close to the Reichstag and other essential sights.

Previously home to the rambunctious Mowe Art Club it has taken current owners over 20 years to turn it into its current incarnation. The painstaking detail is clear. Billed as an ‘art gallery in which you spend the night’ the hotel has a number of rooms each decorated by a different artist. Even the staircases are curated by a philosophy professor. He designed them to induce a state of contemplation while on your way to get a sandwich. Nice. Your room is totally unique, just check out these photos, which one would you choose? The restaurant pays homage to the building’s long history and is maintained in the traditional German way while serving a contemporary menu.

Type: Art
Location: Berlin  Germany  West Europe
Arte Luise Kunsthotel

Designed by Thomas Baumgärtel

Banana room

Designed by Dieter Finke

Animal room at Arte Luise Kunsthotel

Designed by Wolfgang Petrick

Abstract sculptures room

Designed by Shukhrat Babadjan

Oriental design room

Designed by Nora Stalzer

Elevated beds room

Designed by Nathalie Daoust

Sexy purple room

Designed by Heiner Meyer

Luxury zebra room

Designed by Kiddy Citny

Music room

Designed by Guido Sieber

Royal sexiness room

Designed by Oliver Jordan

Topless woman painting room

Designed by Kehl

Cartoon lines room

Designed by Patricia Waller

The three monkeys room

Designed by Tine Benz

Abstract walls room

Designed by Roman Schmelter

Abstract horses room

Designed by Toni Wirthmüller

Dressing girl room

Designed by Gabriel Heimler

Berlin wall cartoon room

Designed by Schmiddem

Window to the Reichstag building
Arte Luise Kunsthotel shower
Arte Luise Kunsthotel bathroom

Designed by Teresa Mar

Arte Luise Kunsthotel room

Designed by Stefanie Welk

Arte Luise Kunsthotel bedroom
Luisenstraße 19, 10117 Berlin, Germany, Germany