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9 Movie Hotels You Can Actually Stay At9 Movie Hotels You Can Stay At
Have you ever seen a hotel in a movie and thought, “Damn, I wish I could stay at that place”? Well, at some of them, you really can! So I put together a list of 9 real-life hotels featured prominently in famous movies. Feeling like a movie character is just …
25 Hotels With The Most Epic Views25 Hotels With The Most Epic Views
When booking a stay, do you obsessively look for a “sea view”, “city view”, or “any type of view” room? Can windows overlooking a parking lot ruin your holiday, no matter how great a hotel is? Do you get overly excited about having breakfast on the balcony? If yes, you …
The 9 Scariest Hotels And Hostels In The WorldThe 9 Scariest Hotels
And Hostels In The World
Any sane person may ask, what's the point in staying at a frightening place for the night. So naturally, you will opt for a nice cozy room with a hot shower and a great view from your windows. However, for all you thrill-seekers out there, here is a list of …
The 50 Most Amazing Hotel Pools in the WorldThe 50 Most Amazing Hotel Pools
We are showcasing our favorite, hand-selected pools from all over the globe. So if you’re keen on taking a dip into the crisp water of some of the most interestingly designed, most scary, or ones with the most stunning views, then look at our long list of 50+1 properties below.