Calilo - Adult Playground On Ios IslandCalilo  

Ios, famous for attracting the affluent youth of European countries and for its vibrant nightlife, has something new to show off.

A retreat that's so hidden from all the commercial noise, it has its own helipad and boat port in case you would find the road leading there lengthy. However, the 30-minute drive from the main village, Chora, and the port is brilliantly beautiful.

The retreat lies on its own beach in a picturesque environment surrounded by 1,000 acres of dramatic hillsides of yellow rock and an ancient olive-dotted landscape.

Type: Beach   Luxury   Nature

Calilo's distinctive style was designed by the owners and carved from native stone.

Calilo Retreat Outdoor Pools From Above

Uniquely shaped pools and private terraces

Calilo Retreat's Uniquely Shaped Pools And Private Terraces

The facade is dominated by the custom-made curvy edges of pools and high-ceiling verandas.

Calilo Retreat On The Island Of Ios, Greece

Across Calilo's premises, you'll see unique artworks and installations and signature hanging furniture.

Calilo Pool Bridge

Mosaics and handcrafted art installations

Calilo Mosaics and handcrafted art installations
Calilo open-space dining by the pools

Cocoon chairs are hanging above the outdoor pools, elegantly held by pieces of handcrafted tree trunks.

Calilo's colorful communal spaces

Echoes of Happiness### - Two-bedroom suite for four

Calilo Suite - Echoes of Happiness - Two-bedroom suite for four

Calilo's 30 suites are, of course, uniquely designed too. Their walls and ceilings are decorated with 72,000 mosaics (per room!) made from locally sourced marble.

Echoes of Happiness Suite

On the Beach Suite

Most rooms are equipped with a private pool or even multiple pond pools with gentle artificial waterfalls - if your budget allows.

Calilo Retreat On the Beach Suite - Food basket by the pool

Panoramic views of the bay or direct access to the beach? It's up to you.

On the Beach Suite Pools
On the Beach Suite Pool

The Calilo Suite

Some suites have oversized swings to fit two people – perfect for romantic shots – and some even have beds hanging above private pools overlooking the Aegean Sea. Can life get any better than this?!

The Calilo Suite

Afterglow Cave Pond Suite

Food is served all day in your room if you prefer to eat beautifully chopped exotic fruits by your private pool.

Afterglow Cave Pond Suite

Heart-shaped rock pool

Calilo heart-shaped rock pool & hanging bed
Heart-shaped rock pool

Blue & You Suite

Don't worry if your room doesn't include a private pool, as you can book a place by the rock pools and have the butler bring you a set of Greek tapas, mezze platters, and cocktails.

Calilo Blue & You Suite

Besides, the retreat's restaurant offers a variety of traditional Greek dishes and contemporary European cuisine made from the freshest ingredients from their organic kitchen garden.

Blue & You Suite Pool At Night
Blue & You Suite Terrace Night View
Calilo Pool Panorama On The Aegean Sea
Calilo Pool View
Calilo Private Pool Beach View
Calilo Swing
Calilo Swing With A Model At Sunset

If you are heading to explore the island's charming Greek architecture and gorgeous hidden beaches, the super-friendly staff will help you with information.

Calilo Cocoon Chairs Above The Pool

Or how about you take one of Calilo's boats and embark on a journey to scout around the natural beauty and beaches of the Cyclades?

Calilo Romantic Dining On The Beach
Papas Beach, Ios Island 840 01, Greece