Fogo Island Inn - Hotel At The Edge Of The WorldFogo Island  

Located off the northeast coast of Newfoundland, Canada, Fogo Island is a remote yet accessible little spot (think: just over 2,000 people living in 10 distinct communities).

Situated in the Labrador Current along "Iceberg Alley," the Island Inn sits by the rugged shores of the wild North Atlantic Ocean. This island is rich in history; the name "Fogo" comes from the Portuguese word for fire.

Fogo attracted the attention of travelers when it opened on the far east side of Canada, in the barren and cold island world of Newfoundland.

Fogo Island Inn building at night

Fogo Island Inn excels in three areas: unique architecture, extremely remote location, and luxury. But mostly the combination of all three. Would you expect this level of quality at the end of the world?

Fogo Island Inn building front

The building was designed to have minimal impact on the natural landscape, and it almost blends in with its surroundings. Thanks to its remoteness, the harsh but fascinating land of Newfoundland will be discovered by thousands of travelers.

Fogo Island Inn in the snowy winter

Hungry? Don't miss out on dining in the gorgeous dining room. With dramatic vaulted ceilings, this room looks out to the ocean with views of the distant Barr'd Islands and looks out over the ocean with views of the community of Barr'd Islands in the distance.

Fogo Island Inn restaurant with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Northern Atlantic sea

All 29 suites include floor-to-ceiling windows with spectacular views of the sea and sky.

Fogo Island Inn room

Two floors of guest suites sit atop the Inn's stilts, a nod to traditional outport fishing stages. The Inn's sharp angles and rough contours mirror Fogo Island's jagged and uneven landscape.

Fogo Island Inn room with green chair and panoramic sea views

The hotel has a traditional Finnish sauna with a wood-burning stove and a window overlooking the coast of Newfoundland. I cannot imagine a better place after a hike in the ice-cold wilderness.

Fogo Island Inn sauna

Actually, I can. How about the outdoor hot tub on the hotel's rooftop with panoramic sea views?

Fogo Island Inn outdoor hot tub with sea views
Fogo Island Inn terrace

Depending on the season, guests can also enjoy views of icebergs and whales breaching offshore or enjoy a front-row view of a true North Atlantic gale. Speaking of seasons...

Fogo Island Inn terrace red design chairs

Guests can choose to stay during one of seven seasons. Wait, seven? Yes! The Fogo Island Inn's website assures visitors that whichever season they choose, there will be a myriad of things to do.

Fogo Island trekking

Whether it's berry season, late fall, summer, trap berth, spring, pack ice, or winter, the Inn is a wonderful place to experience it.

Northern Atlantic boat trip, icebergs in the sea
210 Main Rd, Joe Batt's Arm, NL A0G 2X0, Canada