Graine Et Ficelle - Charming French Countryside GetawayGraine  
Et Ficelle

The Graine & Ficelle Hotel in Saint-Jeannet, France is called a pleasure farm and focuses on creating an atmosphere of tranquility and outdoorsy comfort. The fairly large house offers excellent scenery in the heart of the French Riviera, at 260m2. Guests here can expect a sophisticated living room, dining room, and study room.

All units are air-conditioned and contain a shower, tub, and washroom. Beds are king-sized and separable into two twins. Check out the swimming pool, the organic farm, and a distinct farmhouse atmosphere.

The two tent lodges are located in the hills of the wild nature, providing excellent panoramic views. There is also an outdoor shower and a natural pool. The hotel caters to large parties and birthday parties for children. Come see the simpler side of France at this quiet and amazing accommodation.

Graine & ficelle main building with pool

Graine & ficelle interior

Graine & ficelle kitchen and dining room

Graine & ficelle living room

Graine & ficelle bedroom

Graine & ficelle lodge

Graine & ficelle lodge exterior and terrace

Graine & ficelle lodge bedroom

Graine & ficelle lodge bathroom

Terrace bathtub

Graine & ficelle terrace

Graine & ficelle pool with panoramic nature views

Graine & ficelle deck chairs in the nature

Saint-Jeannet nature

670 Chemin des Collets, 06640 Saint-Jeannet, France