Ladera Resort - Astonishing Panorama On The PitonsLadera  

This award-winning resort is hidden away in a tropical cleft between two Piton mountains in St Lucia. The views are so good they spawned the resort’s catchphrase, “a view with a room.” Each one of the suites and villas is designed to be open to the fresh air, night sky, and sunrise so you can feel part of the outstanding beauty that surrounds you.

You have your own plunge pool and outdoor gym; the restaurant will send contemporary Caribbean cuisine to your room which begs the question, will you ever want to leave? But maybe the Hotel Chocolat opposite will tempt you, there you can take a tour through their cocoa farm and roasting house and get the chance to make your own chocolate bars. If you need to burn off the extra celeries consumed then why not take a hike up the Gros Piton mountain? The resort will provide you with a picnic. Whatever you do prepare to discover the big heart that resides on a tiny island.

Ladera Resort
Ladera Resort buildings
Piton Mountains panorama
Ladera Resort gardens
Ladera Resort pool
Ladera Resort pool at night
Ladera Resort pool with mountain views
Ladera Resort bedroom
Ladera Resort room with views
Ladera Resort balcony
Ladera Resort bungalow views
Ladera Resort tropical views
Ladera Resort private pool
Ladera Resort sunset
Ladera Resort views
Piton Mountains sunrise
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