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Locanda Rosa Rosae - Magical Countryside Inn That Was Formerly A Water MillLocanda  
Rosa Rosae

The Locanda Rosa Rosae is a truly magical place nestled in the Venetian countryside. Surrounded by indescribable natural beauty, this bed and breakfast is a hidden gem waiting to welcome travelers. In a secluded locale between Treviso and Venice, this unique guesthouse is the embodiment of rustic charm.

Originally built as a water mill in the 1570s, the owners discovered the rundown structure and immediately recognized its potential. Over the course of four years, the Stefanis lovingly restored the building with natural and recycled materials. They then accented the space with antiques they had collected during their travels through Morocco and France. Original architectural features such as the exposed brick and untreated beams create an air of authenticity within the space. The guesthouse only provides four private rooms, all of which incorporate both vintage and modern design elements.

Dinner service at the Locanda Rosa Rosae is an experience that is not to be missed. Locals travel from across the countryside to indulge in the Italian banquet prepared by Elisabetta Stefani. The appetizers, main courses, and desserts are a culinary overload of regional dishes that will leave you in a euphoric stupor. The austere character of this boutique guesthouse offers a taste of the simple life and easy access to the more popular destinations around San Bartolomeo di Breda di Piave.

Water mill converted to hotel - Locanda Rosa Rosae
Locanda Rosa Rosae terrace
Locanda Rosa Rosae staircase from wood
Locanda Rosa Rosae entrance
Rosa Restaurant lobby
Rosa Restaurant
Locanda Rosa Rosae water taps
Locanda Rosa Rosae chandelier
Locanda Rosa Rosae candle light dining
Locanda Rosa Rosae antique chandelier and candle light at the rounded rable
Locanda Rosa Rosae room
Locanda Rosa Rosae attic bedroom
Locanda Rosa Rosae bedroom with terrace
Locanda Rosa Rosae bedroom
Locanda Rosa Rosae garden
Locanda Rosa Rosae river
Via Molino, 2 S. Bartolomeo, Breda di Piave TV, Italy
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