Mumbo Island - Private Desert Island Getaway In Malawi, AfricaMumbo  

If you hate the tourist hotspots and want some peace and quiet on your holiday, there is one extreme solution. Yes, you guessed right: a desert island. Mumbo Island is a private island that was never populated prior to becoming an eco-camp, so it’s perfectly pristine. It welcomes only fourteen guests at a time, which means that while not completely inhibited, it’s still very much a secluded spot.

The island is right at the heart of Lake Malawi National Park, one of the best freshwater snorkeling and scuba diving spots in the world. You can meet here colorful tropical fish and friendly otters which will sometimes swim along with you! Kayaking and snorkeling gear are provided in the price of the stay, so enjoy the crystal clear, warm waters to your heart’s content. Every morning, there is also a guided walk through the lush green landscape of the island.

Mumbo Island Camp is serious about sustainability, so only local materials were used to build the resort, and even the décor elements were carried out by local craftsmen. Each chalet offers gorgeous lake views and is set apart from the others to ensure privacy and that “Robinson Crusoe” atmosphere of total seclusion. Even the eco-loos have amazing views and are built to incorporate the trees around!

The stay price includes three meals a day and a free flow of cold drinks, so you never have to worry about anything. Just relax and take in as much of the beauty as you can from your hammock.

Type: Beach   Island   Nature
Location: Mumbo Island  Malawi  Africa
Mumbo Island
Mumbo Island beach and bridge
Mumbo Island staff on the bridge
Mumbo Island bungalow on the rocks
Mumbo Island lounge with lake view
Mumbo Island room with hammock
Mumbo Island bungalow interior
Mumbo Island bungalow hammock
Mumbo Island view from tent on the lake
Mumbo Island woman enjoying the views
Mumbo Island hammock sunset
Mumbo Island forest vines
Mumbo Island beach rocks
Mumbo Island kayaking
Mumbo Island girl floating in the water
Mumbo Island snorkeling in Lake Malawi