Mysk Al Badayer Retreat - Arabian Village In The DesertAl Badayer  

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat incorporates traditional mud-brick buildings and luxurious tents spread around the edge of the sweeping dunes of the Emirates.

This picturesque setting is favored by dune bashers and camp enthusiasts. As a result, Al Badayer is one of the most popular tourist areas in Central Sharjah.

There are plenty of thrilling activities around. Explore the natural wonders of the desert, including its past, by visiting the nearby Mleiha Archeological Centre.

Archery, camel rides, desert safaris, sandboarding, and dune bashing are some of the most popular things to do at Al Badayer. So, immerse yourself in the Emirati lifestyle and discover the beauty of the golden dunes!


The retreat has a centerpiece mosque with a minaret erected according to the local traditions. Arriving at this desert getaway can be in a stylish vintage Toyota Land Cruise in deep green color.

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat Vintage Toyota Land Cruiser

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat Entrance

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat Traditional Mud-Brick Buildings

Outside Area Of The Al Madam Restaurant

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat Arabian Indoor Design

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat Majlis

Al Madam Restaurant

The on-site Al Madam Restaurant offers international cuisine in an Emirati-inspired interior. Shalimar is a tea house in a modern lounge outfit.

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat Al Madam Restaurant

It's a pleasant place to relax with a soothing fragrance from the daily tea ceremonies.

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat Private Dining Area

Grand Deluxe Room King

The resort offers a taste of luxurious Middle Eastern life in its traditional rooms.

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat Grand Deluxe Room King

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat Bathroom

The indoor pool is made of pretty mosaics, and as you would expect from a Middle Eastern spa, there is a beautiful Hammam.

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat Spa Indoor Pool

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat Garden

You can choose from the oasis's 21 rooms and ten tents, depending on how close contact you want with Mother Nature.

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat Tents

One Bedroom Tent

The tent suites come with private pools, wide open at the front towards the desert's burnt orange dunes.

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat One Bedroom Tent

However, to protect the guests' privacy, there is natural fencing from all other sides. No matter which accommodation you go for, each is quintessentially Arabian.

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat Tent With Private Pool

The central oasis comprises a large outdoor pool with palm trees surrounded by the beauty of the orange desert dunes.

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat Outdoor Pool

Al Bury Tower

Another building that sticks out is the Al Bury Tower, reminiscent of Arabian castles. This traditional lookout tower lets you experience magical sunsets and romantic dinners overlooking the desert of the Emirates.

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat Al Bury Lookout Tower

Do you fancy shooting arrows at a target next to dunes?

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat Archery

Or rather, dune buggy ride in the sandy hills?

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat Dune Buggy Ride

Mleiha Archaeological Centre

The visitor center in Mleiha in Sharjah is home to a bronze age tomb, and it showcases evidence to visitors of modern humans living in the area over a hundred thousand years ago. The building complex is going to be home to an astronomical observatory in the near future too.

Mleiha Archeological Centre Excursion

Al Badayer, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates