Habitas AlUla - Experience Life Around Ancient Civilizations In The Saudi Arabian DesertHabitas  

Since the Saudi crown prince announced the country's new long-term strategy focusing on tourism, wilder and wilder development plans have appeared on the Internet.

They aim to use the vast natural lands of Saudi Arabia with eyepopping constructions to attract tourists and try replicating the success of the UAE.

For now, most of the Kingdom's mega projects only exist in the virtual world. However, there are some exceptions.

The Middle East's mysterious places have long attracted visitors. The Great Pyramid of Giza, the ancient archaeological site of Petra, and the holy land of Jerusalem are all too familiar.

While Saudi Arabia's Mecca welcomes millions of pilgrims annually (Hajj/Umrah), it's only for the followers of the Islamic faith. But, with the new, more accessible visa regulations and new flight connections, the country's attractions are open for discovery.

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So what does Prince Mohammed bin Salman's goal of reducing oil dependency mean to travelers?

AlUla Desert Rocks And Colored Statue

For one, the appearance of globally renowned hospitality brands, like Habitas, the sustainable luxury hotel chain with its flagship project in Tulum, Mexico.

Secondly, it opens the possibility of exploring the expansive Arabian Peninsula. To put things into perspective, Saudi Arabia is six times the size of Germany.

So, how about starting with a land of ancient civilizations in the Saudi Arabian desert? Habitas AlUla is located in the Ashar Valley on a UNESCO heritage site.

Habitas AlUla Desert Hotel Pathway With Candlelights

Each of the 96 eco-consciously built villas uses the natural colors of the surrounding habitat to blend in.

Habitas AlUla Villa

They are connected to each other, plus the main building with a swimming pool by pretty pathways dotted with candlelights.

Habitas AlUla Desert Villa

The air-condited villas offer magical canyon views, and they are equipped with super comfortable king-sized beds, indoor and outdoor showers, and large outdoor lounge decks.

Habitas AlUla Villa Interior

In front of each villa, an electric fat bike is parked that you can use during your stay. Thanks to those bulky tires, you can pedal even on soft sand.

If you prefer to move around without sweat, an electric car can drive you between your villa, the lounge, and the restaurant.

Habitas AlUla Villa Room

Habitas' spa focuses on natural healing. You can take part in unique wellness experiences like sound healing and meditation.

Habitas AlUla Spa Lounge

Habitas AlUla Pool And Lounge View

Habitas AlUla Tea Lounge

The airy Tama restaurant serves a fusion of international and Middle Eastern classics prepared from fresh local ingredients and spices. The restaurant's name means "here and now" in Aramaic, which is an ancient Semitic language.

Habitas AlUla Open Air Restaurant

If a luxurious Mars colony existed, it would probably look something like this.

Habitas AlUla Poolside Sun Loungers

Habitas AlUla Pool With The Main Building And Rock Formations

The otherworldly terrain is unlike anything you've seen before.

Habitas AlUla Desert Infinity Pool

The on-site yoga shala offers daily exercise of asanas on solid wood parquet flooring and a beautiful desert panorama.

Habitas AlUla Yoga Shala

The art installation of colored rocks is reminiscent of the Moroccan Tafraoute.

Habitas AlUla Resort Villas And Painted Rock Art

Ashar Valley, AlUla 43511, Saudi Arabia