Willow House - The Beauty Of Concrete In Texas' DesertWillow House  

An association game involving phrases like "concrete" and "desert" would result in aversive emotions. So, how is it possible to turn this upside-down and find beauty in it?

Willow House is here to give a lesson in refined aesthetics with concrete, one of the most controversial finishing materials in an epic setting by the Big Bend National Park.

Terlingua, the self-governing, unincorporated town with a population of only 300, is dotted with art galleries, motels, and trailer parks, and it looks like it was straight out of a Western movie. No wonder, as it's one of the most remote areas in the United States.

Type: Desert   Design
Location: Terlingua  USA  North America

The 12 concrete casitas of Willow House's straight lines and rough edges blend perfectly with this barren landscape.

They are designed to frame the spectacular view of the Chihuahuan desert and the Chisos mountain range like a painting. As a result, every bedroom and every patio shares the same panorama.

Willow House

The rugged, raw, and enormous Big Bend National Park is only 6 (10 km) miles from the hotel on the outskirts of Terlingua, Texas.

During the Willow House's construction, every rock and ocotillo moved out of the way was brought back to the property to minimize the environmental impact. For the same reason, the natural color of concrete was used for the exteriors to fit with the desert's naturally occurring colors.

Other than the cool aesthetics of the sharply cut splits in the concrete blocks, they serve an essential role. In the Texan heat reaching temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius), the holes were engineered to improve airflow and lower the feel of the temperate.

Willow House Concrete Casita

The pillow pit is a sunken sofa in the 1,500 square feet (139 square meters) main building that invites chats lasting the whole night along with long drinks.

Willow House Main House Pillow Pit

Lauren Werner, the owner and creator of this project, decorated the interiors with her grandfather's artworks and vases by a local ceramicist.

All the materials, furniture, and accessories reflect Terlingua's array of colors. Lauren's perfectionism materialized in collecting local rocks to later use as a reference for finding the right items.

Willow House Hotel Interior

Reading nooks with creative layouts and books piled on each other indicate a calming space where time slows down, and life gets better.

Willow House Hotel Reading Nook With Clever Bookshelf

Willow House Hotel Lounge

Willow House Hotel Fireplace

Willow House Hotel Kitchen

Willow House Hotel Living Room With Artworks

Willow House Hotel Bathroom Concrete Sink

Willow House Hotel Bathroom

Outdoor lights at night are kept to a minimum to reduce light pollution and have that spectacular view of the night sky that you could never get in a city. And in the morning, you will feel the urge to wake up early to catch the sunset. So yes, the FOMO, in this case, is real!

Willow House Private Patio

Basic or luxurious? It's hard to define the minimalist outdoor shower, but having a shower amid a desert is undoubtedly an experience.

Willow House Outdoor Shower

The private patios attached to each casita offer a front-row seat to enjoy this magical place's spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

The silhouette of the Chisos Mountain Range seems so far, yet it's the only mountain in the USA to be entirely within the boundaries of a national park.

Main House Front Patio

The vast panoramic views end at the emerging Chisos Mountains, behind which the Rio Grande separates the U.S. and Mexico.

Willow House Sun Terrace

The outdoor chairs' practicality and playful design come hand in hand. Their frame reflects the desert's colors and roughness, projecting a shadow punctured with holes like a Pencil cactus.

Willow House Designer Chairs

23112 FM170, Terlingua, TX 79852