Park Hyatt Seoul - Gangnam District LuxuryPark Hyatt  

Seoul is one of the center points of the high fashion and shopping industries. In the world-famous Gangnam financial district sits the 5-star Park Hyatt Seoul. This luxurious boutique hotel is across from the COEX Convention and Exhibition Center.

Whether you want to spend your days lounging in the spa, working out in the fitness center, doing business in Seoul, touring the sights, or exploring the high-end shopping district, the Park Hyatt is the perfect jumping-off point.

You can take tours of Jongno, one of Seoul’s oldest districts with large amounts of shopping and entertainment venues. You can also visit Dongdaemun which is one of two traditional markets in Seoul. Visit the Han River during the summer to escape the heat and see the National Folk Museum or 600-year-old sites. The Park Hyatt is definitely a hotel that will make your stay unforgettable.

Type: Luxury   Skyscraper
Location: Seoul  South Korea  East Asia
Park Hyatt Seoul skyscraper

Park Hyatt Seoul concierge

Cornerstone Bar

Cornerstone cellar

Timber Houser Restaurant

Park Hyatt Seoul sushi bar

Cornerstone Restaurant

Park Hyatt Seoul The Lounge

The Lounge

Park Hyatt Seoul facade

Park Hyatt Seoul suite living room

Park Hyatt Seoul suite bedroom

Park Hyatt Seoul diplomatic suite

Park Hyatt Seoul deluxe bedroom

Park Hyatt Seoul presidential suite

Park Hyatt Seoul presidential suite living room

Park Hyatt Seoul presidential suite bedroom

Park Hyatt Seoul deluxe bathroom

Park Hyatt Seoul deluxe bathroom at night with panorama on the city

Stone bathroom

Park Hyatt Seoul staircase with panorama views

Park Hyatt Seoul gym with city panorama

Park Hyatt Seoul club swimming pool

Park Hyatt Seoul swimming pool at night

606 Teheran-Ro, Gangnam-Gu, 135-552 Seoul, South Korea