Riad AnaYela – Magical MarrakechRiad  

AnaYela is a 300-year-old city palace in the historic part of Marrakech. When the new owners took it over, they found a secret room that was bricked up. In that room, there was a small jewelry box covered in dust. Inside was a hand-written note telling the story of a teenage girl who once lived there. It tells of her secret meetings with a boy who would scamper across the rooftops to meet her in the palace’s tall tower. There, in return for a kiss, the boy commanded a magic carpet to fly the lovers over the city.

Today, the story is carved in Arabic calligraphy into the doors of the hotel. It has room enough for 10 guests to live in traditional Moroccan luxury. The pool is located in the heart of any Arabian palace, the open-air courtyard. You can host up to 100 guests on the wide rooftop terrace which overlooks Marrakech, the surrounding desert, and the snow-capped Atlas Mountains in the distance. There are BBQs and open-air film screenings to enjoy at night while you explore historic sights by day.

Location: Marrakech  Morocco  Africa
Riad AnaYela hotel rooftop
Riad AnaYela corridors
Riad AnaYela interior
Riad AnaYela hotel pool
Riad AnaYela pool
Riad AnaYela sheesha place
Riad AnaYela Arabic calligraphy
Riad AnaYela Arabic room
Riad AnaYela interior decoration
Riad AnaYela hotel room
Riad AnaYela rooftop terrace
Riad AnaYela rooftop hookah place
Moroccan man on the streets of Marrakesh
Marrakesh market
Traditional tea making in Marrakesh
Food seller at Marrakesh marketplace
Marrakesh with Atlas mountains in the background
28 Derb Zerwal, Marrakesh, Morocco