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“Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, keep your wagon rollin” so the song goes, unless, that is, you’re staying in a special rolling hut. In which case, you will want to stay right where you are in Washington’s beautiful Methow Valley. The remarkably versatile wooden units were designed to be an alternative to camping.

There are kitchenettes, sleeping areas, living areas, and wood-burners for heating. Glass walls will make sure you will not want to waste time getting outside to enjoy your planned activities. Hiking, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, and climbing are the typical passions of those who stay in the rolling huts.

Local towns are packed with farmers' markets and ruddy-cheeked inhabitants who, I imagine, subsist entirely on thanksgiving dinners. There is a wide range of bistros, bakeries, and saloons in the locality for your evening’s entertainment or you may like to dim the lights, pull your bed over to the huge window and gaze into the wilderness letting your thoughts drift like clouds in a tumbleweed sky.

Type: Design   Nature
Location: Winthrop  USA  North America
Rolling Huts in the snow
Rolling Huts in the Methow Valley
Rolling Huts buildings
Rolling Huts wooden houses
Rolling Huts wooden interior with fireplace
Rolling Huts bedroom with fireplace
Rolling Huts interior
Rolling Huts wooden bed
Rolling Huts terrace
Methow Valley
Methow Valley forest
Biking in Methow Valley
Hiking in Methow Valley
Hiking on the mountains of Methow Valley
Methow Valley lake
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Methow Valley in the winter
18150 State Route 20, Winthrop, WA 98862