Song Saa Private Island - Pearlescent Paradise IslandsSong Saa  
Private Island

Cambodia has some tropical islands scattered off the coast in the Indian Ocean. They remain largely undeveloped – a rarity in South East Asia. Song Saa is one of the first luxury resorts to take one of these islands as its home. It is run in partnership with the local community and sponsors English classes and vocational courses for those who want to get involved.

The resort straddles two paradise islands known colloquially as the “sweethearts”. After being collected by speedboat, you can stay in one of 27 secluded villas that have been built in line with the Song Saa philosophy of “luxury that treads lightly”. There is a fine restaurant, lounge and infinity pool. The wellness center goes beyond the physical with unique treatments by the healer, Aurelie.

Snorkel around the nearby reef that Song Saa helps to conserve. Watch the huge moon rise with cocktails and wake up for a personal yoga session. Later that day, take a cultural expedition and help with projects that benefit the indigenous islanders.

Type: Beach   Island   Luxury   Nature
Bridge from Koh Bong to Koh Ou
Guest couple sitting in the rain on the bridge to Koh Bong
Bedroom over water villas
Early morning behind 2 bed over water villas
Vista - early morning

Vista Bar

Vista bar at night
Pool sala view to Vista
Main pool
Looking across to Koh Bong from villa 11 pool

Driftwood Bar

driftwood bar at dawn
Lunch by the pool
Bedroom over water deck at sunset
Over water villa pool
Villa bedroom
Villa bathroom
Villa deck at night
Villa deck with private pool
Villa living room
Villa living area at night
Villa bathroom with sea view
Luxury beach villa deck
Luxury beach villa
Yoga on Koh Rong Island
Couple making offering
Couple Buddhist wedding
Day bed at the pool
Exploring Koh Rong Island
Song Saa Picnic at neighbouring Koh Rong Island

The bridge to Koh Bong (other island at Song Saa)

The bridge to Koh Bong (other island at Song Saa)