Alpina Dolomites - Spa On Top Of Europe’s Largest High-Altitude PlateauAlpina Dolomites  

Located on Europe’s largest high-altitude plateau, the Alpe di Siusi, the Alpina Dolomites Lodge is a spectacular getaway. This isn’t your ordinary ski lodge, however. Instead, the Alpina Dolomites prides itself on being a wellness hotel with pure and pristine mountain air. In fact, the hotel’s philosophy is rooted in nature – guests are encouraged to reconnect with their surroundings and recharge.

Rooms at the Alpina Dolomites are furnished with warm woods and muted cream and tan tones. While each room is lovely, you may want to spend more of your time in the spa! From holistic treatments and multi-day health and wellness programs to relaxing beauty treatments, you’ll feel happily refreshed.

Of course, the real reason to book a stay at the Alpina Dolomites is for the wide variety of activities you’ll be able to participate in. During the winter, guests can go snowshoe hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. Don’t dismiss this lodge during the summer, though! From mountain biking and golfing to exciting hiking excursions, the summer is lovely to visit Switzerland.

If all that leaves you hungry, don’t worry! The Mountain Restaurant stands with the hotel’s overall love of nature; dishes are made with local and regional products for a fresher and healthier experience. Looking to unwind with friends after a meal? Check out the Mountain Lounge & Bar, with a selection of fine distillates and a wide choice of spirits and cocktails to choose from.

Type: Luxury   Mountain   Spa
Alpina Dolomites hotel facade with rock formations of the mountains the background
Alpina Dolomites hotel buildings
Alpina Dolomites hotel main entrance
Alpina Dolomites hotel lounge with fireplace
Alpina Dolomites hotel restaurant dining room with panoramic Alpine view
Alpina Dolomites hotel living room
Alpina Dolomites hotel bathroom with design bathtub
Alpina Dolomites hotel bedroom
Alpina Dolomites hotel bathtub with relax chairs
Alpina Dolomites hotel spa relax chairs
Alpina Dolomites hotel indoor swimming pool with snowy mountain view
Alpina Dolomites hotel indoor swimming pool with summer mountain view
Alpina Dolomites hotel indoor, outdoor pool with tunnel to go outside
Alpina Dolomites hotel outdoor pool
Alpina Dolomites hotel outdoor pool with a girl in it
Alpina Dolomites hotel with garden and mountains around
Alpina Dolomites hotel terrace
Alpina Dolomites hotel electric bikes
Compatsch, 62/3, 39040 Alpe di Siusi BZ, Italy