Amazon Jungle Palace - Floating Houses In The Rain ForestAmazon Jungle  

The Amazon Jungle Palace is the first floating eco-friendly, luxury hotel to offer beautiful views and an unforgettable experience. Nestled in the Amazon rain forest on Rio Negro, the hotel is only 8 kilometers from Manaus and offers daily transfer to the international airport. The natural construction elements harness the natural beauty of the Amazon rain forest while offering panoramic views of Rio Negro and Lago Salvador.

The hotel was designed utilizing the most modern sustainable tourism concepts, including state-of-the-art water treatment facilities and waste management systems to preserve the surrounding environment. Even though the hotel is focused on ecological preservation, each luxury apartment offers amenities on par with any five-star resort. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, water heating systems, a safe, a fully stocked mini-bar, and a hi-tech LCD television with satellite programming. All rooms offer a breathtaking view, but depending on your budget, you can also splurge for a balcony, pool view, or even a deck with a Jacuzzi.

During your stay, be sure to try some of the local cuisines at the Araticum restaurant. You can also enjoy snacks and drinks as you lounge by the outdoor swimming pool. The Amazon Jungle Palace can also arrange for a wide array of activities, including bird-watching, canoe trips, and ritual performances by the native tribes.

While there are many options in the area, the Amazon Jungle Palace offers you the authentic rain forest adventure with the comfort of luxury accommodations.

Amazon Jungle Palace complex in the Amazonas

Amazon Jungle Palace floating houses

Amazon Jungle Palace by kayak

Amazon Jungle Palace walking platforms

Amazon Jungle Palace restaurant

Amazon Jungle Palace bedroom with Amazon Rain Forest views

Amazon Jungle Palace window to the river

Amazon Jungle Palace balcony

Amazon Jungle Palace rooftop with outdoor pool

Amazon Jungle Palace swimming pool in the evening

Brazilian girl at the pool in the Amazon Rain Forest

Amazon Jungle Palace rooftop terrace

Amazon Jungle Palace river terrace

Amazon Jungle Palace water jet pack

Amazon Jungle Palace wakeboarding

Amazon Jungle Palace dolphins in the river

Amazonas jungle

Amazon Rain forest river

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