Barge Aground - Land Ship And Sand Dunes In The UKBarge  

Built at the starboard end of the British obsession with the seaside, this holiday bungalow is shaped like a barge and decorated with a nautical theme. The bungalow is self-catering with all modern conveniences provided for. Wooden shutters allow air to circulate in summer and protect the windows from storms. You’re OK though, it’s warm inside and kind of romantic.

The Barge has access to five miles of sandy beach. There are huge sand dunes too. Take a running jump. Go on I dare you. Land in the soft sand below. Nearby, there is a large nature reserve which is a habitat for rare and migrating birds. There are two golf courses within easy reach and a number of cafés and boutiques that serve Jersey’s ebullient community of tax-dodgers.

The pubs are full of local brews and there is a professional surf school too. Surfing is a popular sport in the UK where people wear incredibly thick wetsuits to deal with the perishing temperature of local waters. You will be chilled as a can of coke. Or you could give windsurfing go.

Barge Aground
Barge Aground living room
Barge Aground kitchen
Barge Aground bedroom
dining room and stairs to the rooftop
rooftop of Barge Aground
View from the boat-shaped hotel, Barge Aground