Bisate Lodge - Gorilla Treks Starting From The Natural Amphitheater Of An Eroded Volcanic ConeBisate Lodge  

Located in Rwanda, Bisate Lodge is the perfect place for any wildlife enthusiast. If volcanoes are your thing too, you’re in luck! The lodge is set in an eroded volcanic cone and offers views of the volcanoes Bisoke, Karisimbi, and Mikeno. With just six suites, Bisate caters to those who are looking for a true break from society and an adventure into the wild.

The lodges themselves are stunning; rooms are styled in a contemporary way, peppered with fun patterns and splashes of bold color. And while you may be admiring the inside of your room, the main draw is outside. From mountain gorillas and buffalo to golden monkeys and 120 species of butterfly, nature sure knows how to put on a show in Africa. Travelers can go on a variety of different excursions, including gorilla treks, golden monkey treks, Rwandan coffee and tea tastings, and more!

What also makes Bisate Lodge unique is its dedication to sustainable conservation. In fact, more than 15,000 indigenous trees were planted on the Lodge’s site during the building phase. And, now, guests are encouraged to head over to the tree nursery and plant a tree of their own to commemorate their stay.

Type: Nature   Treehouse
Location: Ruhengeri  Rwanda  Africa
Bisate Lodge exterior

Photos by Wilderness Safaris | Crookes & Jackson

Bisate Lodge building wooden top with views on surrounding volcanoes

Bisate Lodge lounge

Bisate Lodge fireplace with a woman

Bisate Lodge cozy interior with fireplace

Bisate Lodge luxury dining

Bisate Lodge bar

Bisate Lodge room with fireplace and open bathroom

Bisate Lodge bathroom

Bisate Lodge bedroom

Bisate Lodge bed with views

Bisate Lodge private balcony

Bisate Lodge balcony sitting

Bisate Lodge balcony Rwanda volcano panorama