Borgo Egnazia - Wonders In The Puglian CountrysideBorgo Egnazia  

Located in Puglia, Italy, this place is simply gorgeous. Divided into three "sections", Borgo Egnazia looks more like a small village than a hotel; “La Corte” is the main building, and then there’s the “Borgo” (the Village) and 28 outlying villas, which each include a private pool of their own. Complete with gorgeous clock towers, squares, and charming alleyways, the hotel also boasts not one but two secluded beaches -- do you prefer a rocky shore or stunning sands? You’ll find both here! Did I mention Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got married here? This place is stunning.

Okay, so you need more assurance than a celebrity sighting…

Each room is decorated in cool, crisp, muted tones leaving guests feeling calm and relaxed. Care for a dive? Go for a swim and swimming and snorkel in the crystal clear Italian waters. Oh, and every guest is provided with a “local advisor” who will assist you in whatever you could dream up! Borgo Egnazia is also highly family-friendly -- there’s a kids club for the youngsters to enjoy.

There’s truly something for everyone to enjoy -- as cliche as that may sound, it couldn’t be more accurate here. From golfing and yoga to a reading room and a cigar room, the creators of this place have thought of everything. So relax, rejoice, and revel in all that this Puglian paradise has to offer.

Borgo Egnazia Traditional Italian Architecture
Borgo Egnazia Courtyard
Borgo Egnazia Lobby Tree
Borgo Egnazia Hotel Winery
Borgo Egnazia Hotel Living Room
Borgo Egnazia Hotel Casetta Splendida Bedroom
Borgo Egnazia Hotel Casetta Splendida Living Room
Borgo Egnazia Hotel Corte Bella Room
Borgo Egnazia Hotel Private Pool
Borgo Egnazia Hotel Villa
Borgo Egnazia Hotel Villa Pool
Borgo Egnazia Hotel Spa
Borgo Egnazia Hotel Spa Pool
Borgo Egnazia Hotel Indoor Pool
Borgo Egnazia Hotel Outdoor Pool
Borgo Egnazia Hotel Pools At Night
Borgo Egnazia Hotel La Piazza Courtyard Dining
Borgo Egnazia Hotel Bar
Borgo Egnazia Hotel La Fresca Restaurant
Borgo Egnazia Hotel Il Cortile Restaurant
Borgo Egnazia Hotel Cala Masciola Restaurant
Borgo Egnazia Hotel Cala Masciola Restaurant At The Beach During Sunset
Puglia Olive Trees
San Domenico Golf Course
Adriatic Sea Beach, Puglia, Italy
Strada Comunale Egnazia, 72010 Savelletri di Fasano, Italy