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The Britannia Hut is one of the most popular huts in the Swiss Alps – quite an achievement when you consider how many of them there are. It was built in 1912 while many other classic huts were also built around that time. I think it has to do with the extension of railway lines into the Alps bringing in more tourists who demanded more places to stay.

Britannia Hut lies 3030 meters above sea level and can sleep up to 134 guests. Details about its hundred-year history are sketchy although apparently in 1951-1952 “the roof leaked” – grave times indeed. However, a full renovation took place in the 1990s, and now it is one of the best, most well-situated huts in the Alps - perfect for hikers, climbers, and mountain enthusiasts.

Britannia Hut in the Swiss Alps

Britannia Hut

Britannia Hut snowy aerial

Britannia Hut exterior

Britannia Hut at night

Britannia Hut restaurant

Britannia Hut room with a lot of beds

Britannia Hut bunk beds

Wine Swiss appetizers in the snowy Alps

Swiss Alps sunset

3905 Saas Fee, Switzerland