CasAnus - The Giant Intestine HotelCasAnus  

Dutch artist Joep Van Lieshout has created a unique work of art that you can stay in...if your heart desires.

His giant human intestine sculpture (yes, intestine), located in Belgium, sits in the middle of a field commissioned as part of the Verbeke Foundation Sculpture Park, which hosts over 20,000 visitors annually and is owned by art collectors Geert and Carla Verbeke-Lens.

The owners say the exhibition space is not meant to be an "oasis."

Type: Concept
Location: Stekene  Belgium  West Europe

The Anus Hotel

Verbeke Foundation's playful naming comes from the Spanish "casa" (house in English), and Anus - which I'm sure needs no further explanation.

The artist's group intentions are clear. Breaking taboos and questioning everything is one of the most important movements of the 21st century.

Casanus giant intestine hotel in the nature

So who says you cannot design and build a giant intestine house ending in a blushingly detailed anus?

Casanus hotel exterior

The entrance to CasAnus is through regular doors. Too bad they missed the opportunity to use the ending as the main opening!

Casanus intestines

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Casanus exterior

Inside, it's all nice and cozy. If you didn't know what the exterior looks like, it could be a cave house in Cappadocia.

Casanus interior

The interior is bright white, complete with windows and tubular, curved walls to make travelers feel like they are sleeping inside a highly vital part of the human digestive system.

Casanus kitchen

But fear not, as breakfast is included, you won't go hungry in these parts!

Casanus sink
Casanus corridor

Unlike most large intestines (like those typically found in human bodies), this one features a double bed, shower, and central heating.

Casanus way to the bedroom

The room's exterior has even been sculpted with bulging veins and painted a deep red to make it look all the more realistic.

Casanus bedroom
Verbeke Foundation, Westakker, 9190 KEMZEKE, Belgium